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Find YOUR voice in French.

Online learning at MyFrenchU

Professional French Educator for English-speaking Learners

Professional educator since 2011, specializing in all levels of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) for English-speaking for learners ages 12 to adult.

  • Private & Small Group Lessons

  • Independent Study

  • Conversation 

  • Tutoring

  • Test Preparation: AP French Language & Culture, TCF


student review of teacher

"Within such a short time of starting to study French, I felt comfortable enough to begin to experiment with the language, one of the first major steps in becoming fluent. And now I'm fluent!"

Cody McSherry, HS student

adult student review of teacher

"Madame makes it very easy to learn French. Not only are you learning, but you're understanding and retaining what you learn. She will also understand if you mess up a word or phrase and not make you feel like you messed up.

Kelixa Rivera, HS student

student review of teacher

"Learning with Madame, whether online or in person, is always such a joy. Makes it equally accessible and enjoyable. Her passion for French makes you eager to learn it and learn it well!"

Angelle San Jose, HS student


My name is Rachel Cicioni

When I was 13 years old, public TV stations would play foreign language shows early in the morning. I was fascinated by them - the languages, cultures, customs, architecture, all of it! And thus my love of world languages was born.


As life progressed and my education continued, I had to narrow my focus. After studying French, Spanish, German, and Italian, it was became apparent that French was my favorite. 

Finally, in grad school, I explored how language is learned and affects the brain at different ages. The combination of what I've learned and my own experiences as a learner and classroom educator, confirm that what the learner makes a personal connection to and repeats is more easily retained.

This is how MyFrenchU was formed. Free from the constraints of the traditional classroom, I'm able to provide a unique, personalized learning experience that allows my students, regardless of age, learn French in a manner that is most interesting, appropriately leveled, responsive, and with consideration to how each student learns best. 

Rachel Cicioni, private French Teacher, MyFrenchU, The Private Practice Teacher
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