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Sarah Elizabeth Rosa

Teacher/Owner ** PPT Verified Educator

Rumba Rosa celebrates language learning in a fun, engaging way. Acquiring Spanish (or English) becomes a breeze as students are having so much fun they don't even realize they are soaking in the new language! With a focus on speaking/listening utilizing the research based instructional strategies, offering a warm classroom environment, including scaffolds, visuals, wait time, low affective filter, prior knowledge, and sheltered second language techniques, students become fluent without a hassle and while having a blast!

Classes are offered for all ages, from young children-adults. Sarah Elisabeth Rosa, founder of Rumba Rosa, is a bilingual biliterate English as a Second Language educator with more than 15 years experience teaching language learners of all ages, backgrounds and language levels and guiding them to achieve fluency in the L2. She holds a MSEd in Second Language Education as well as various teaching certifications including ESL (K-12), Spanish (K-6) (7-12) and elementary education (K-5).

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Sarah Elizabeth Rosa
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