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Sheryl Uehling


Tutoring with Sheryl began 4 years ago and has been supporting students as a private service for 2 years, supporting struggling readers. The mission of Tutoring with Sheryl is to build confident and knowledgeable readers and writers who are successful in all academic areas. Students meet regularly with Sheryl Uehling, owner, via Google Meet. Learning gaps are identified and taught through personalized lessons for each student.

Students have a dedicated learning library they can return to for links, pdfs, and printable materials. They also receive a dedicated digital space they can return to as they practice skills in reading, math, and typing. Most students are back to grade level or above in 6 months to a year.

Many of the Tutoring with Sheryl students have IEPs, SATs, or have Speech services. Sheryl easily navigates those and supports goals with the student's needs in mind.

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Sheryl Uehling
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